About Me!

The story behind Bear Hug.....

When lockdown started due to Covid 19, I expected absolutely no work as a small embroidery business specialising in branding for the equestrian sector and small businesses.  All the equestrian events were cancelled, businesses closed and who would be wanting to spend from their marketing budget? 

So to cheer myself up I made a sweatshirt with the slogan 'Socially Distant’ on and wore it on my first ever Instagram video….  To my great surprise I got messages from people actually wanting to buy them!  I couldn’t believe it, complete strangers buying these tops and then sharing pictures of them wearing them on social media!! I felt so grateful to have work coming in and that these tops seemed to be bringing some joy during these tricky times. 

I realised that this was something that I really enjoyed and that if I could spread some positivity, surely that would be a good thing?!  So I decided to set up Bear Hug.  The inspiration for the name comes from my long standing companion Brumas Bear, who I have had since I was 4 yrs old.  

Now my mission is to continue to create garments that empower the wearer in some way, whether that be a confidence boost or a reminder not to give up.  I want people to look good and feel good in the tops plus they are doing good as 10% goes to the mental health charity Mind.